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Hospital Healthcare Europe

Fusing technology and intelligence to improve patient care

2 September, 2009  

Earlier this year Cardinal Health announced plans to spin-off its clinical and medical products businesses as a separate, publicly traded company.

Since July 1, the new company is known as CareFusion Corporation. CareFusion became a separate publicly traded company on Sept 1, 2009 from the spinoff of Cardinal Health’s clinical and medical products businesses. With more than 15,000 employees in more than 120 countries worldwide they help caregivers with measurably improve patient care by focusing on two of the biggest issues affecting healthcare, medication errors and hospital-acquired infections.

The family of products and services are used in over 120 countries and include some of the most widely recognized brand names in their categories:

  • Pyxis for medication and supply management
  • Alaris for infusion
  • AVEA and Pulmonetic Systems for ventilation
  • Jaeger, SensorMedics and Micro Medical for respiratory diagnostic instruments
  • AVAmax and PleurX for interventional procedures
  • V Mueller and Snowden-Pencer for surgical instruments
  • Nicolet neurodiagnostic instruments
  • MedMined for infection surveillance
  • ChloraPrep for infection prevention

The CareFusion difference
The approach is bold – They’re courageous, unafraid to try new things, adopt unconventional strategies and create new resources in their ongoing quest to help create safer outcomes at the point of care.

They understand the human side of their business – recognising that healthcare systems must be built around people – and they measure their success by the impact they have on caregivers, who devote their lives to helping others, and on the patients who trust them during their greatest hours of need.

CareFusion has two solution portfolios and reporting segments:
Critical Care Technologies and Medical Technologies and Services. Each is comprised of market-leading products and services.

Actionable Intelligence
At CareFusion, they realise that many hospitals are overwhelmed with raw data and have information gaps. That’s why they focus on transforming data into actionable intelligence—information a caregiver can act on to make measurable process improvements, to help prevent errors, to help guide care.

End-to-End Medication Safety
The medication management process is complex. When caregivers are delivering thousands of doses to patients every day, error and inefficiency are inevitable. CareFusion is committed to breaking the harmful cycle of medication errors and simplifying medication management to bring safety and practice together in measurable ways.
Infection Prevention and Surveillance
When it comes to the growing global issue of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), CareFusion understands that caregivers are engaged in an ongoing battle. Their infection prevention and surveillance portfolio and innovation pipeline is focused on the entire patient care experience.
Medical Technology Information System
Valuable data is often trapped in disparate medical devices and technologies. This can cause delays in care and increase potential for error. At CareFusion, They’re breaking down the communication barriers to improve patient safety.

Perioperative Solutions
From performing surgical procedures to medication and supply management, the perioperative areas are arguably the most complex and costly environments within a hospital. CareFusion helps caregivers optimise and reduce cost by providing the technologies, tools and actionable intelligence needed for surgical, SPD, materials, pharmacy, anesthesia and nursing teams to work together and improve outcomes.

Improve patient care

  • Reduce medication errors
  • Identify and prevent infection risk
  • Enhance surgeon technique

Streamline workflow

  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Manage supplies, medications and instruments
  • Improve preference card and case pick management
  • Reduce manual documentation error
  • Integrate with existing clinical information systems

Reduce cost

  • Increase charge capture
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Prevent diversion

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