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Front loading dishwasher

After extensive research and feedback from customers, Hobart has launched the first in a new range of revolutionary dishwashers – the FXP Front Loading Series.

Ian Garner, managing director of Hobart says: “Today’s catering environments need an efficient dishwasher, which is not only energy-saving and cost-effective, but is also easy to use and delivers consistent results. The FXP ticks all the boxes. This machine is suited to a wide range of outlets.”

“The new machine is economical, efficient and environmentally-friendly. A high wash temperature is essential to get the best results from the detergent and with the FXP this can be easily achieved, as the machine is fitted with Ecotherm heating technology. This uses just 0.8kW of energy and yet ensures a constant 62ºC during every wash cycle. Operators could save over £500 a year in running costs and reduce their CO(2) emissions by 1,250kg,” concluded Ian.