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Firm expands global provider network

CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits (CIEB) has expanded its global network in five countries through a new agreement reached with ABC Medicover Holdings BV, the company has announced.

The agreement allows CIEB to make direct payments to 31 providers in Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

Medicover’s private clinics and hospitals serve more than 191,000 patients annually in Eastern Europe. Through CIEB’s relationship with Medicover, CIEB member ID cards will be recognised in all Medicover’s modern facilities to provide the convenience of a discounted cashless service.

This arrangement reduces CIGNA International members’ out-of-pocket expenses.

In 2007, CIGNA International finalised direct payment arrangements with a total of 207 new providers in 32 countries.

“The addition of the providers in Medicover means CIEB now has a global footprint of 59,458 providers outside the United States,” said Cindy Gatanis, manager of CIEB provider contracting.

Through CIEB’s direct provider payment arrangements, CIEB members do not have to submit claim forms when accessing CIEB network providers. Members receive immediate service once they show providers their CIEB ID card, Ms Gatanis said.