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Fight against swine flu

1 May, 2009  

A new alcohol-free hand sanitiser, Soapopular, which has been recently launched in the UK may be the first line of defence against the spread of swine flu claims its Canadian manufacturers. 

Steven Orrett, CEO of Soapopular inc, based in Toronto, Canada says, “the best defense is proper hand hygiene and hand washing – where water is not present or available, using Soapopular is the best option for not only killing germs that you come in contact with, but stopping the spread of viruses and infectious diseases”.
Soapopular differs from most hand sanitisers currently available in the UK as it does not use alcohol as its main active ingredient, making it a safer option especially for children. 

Instead, the formulation contains an ammonium compound called Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) at a strength which clinical research shows destroys 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds including avian flu, SARS, influenza A2  and H1N1 virus.
Regular hand washing is recommended by both the WHO and the NHS as one of the most effective ways of controlling infections or using a hand sanitisers, such as Soapopular, when soap and water are not available.  
Soapopular carries both FDA and Health Canada approvals making it the popular choice for families, corporations, and health professionals in the United States and Canada.

MHRA approval to market in the UK has also been granted and Soapopular is currently being successfully trialled at a number of primary schools in Wales.