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Exploring the possibilities of multi-modality imaging solutions

18 February, 2010  

Royal Philips Electronics have joined forces with VU University Medical Centre to research new multi-modality imaging solutions.

By combining data from different imaging modalities, clinicians will be able to determine the presence and extent of many diseases at an earlier stage, which in turn can contribute to improved treatment success rates.

The detailed information gathered from these imaging modalities will improve clinician visibility in regards to the exact needs of an individual patient, therefore enabling them to offer a more timely and personalised treatment.

Initial projects on medical imaging procedures will focus on nuclear imaging, especially Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and optical imaging techniques.

For these modalities, the joint research projects will explore novel imaging agents (disease-specific contrast agents and tracers) and design new software for quantitative image analysis and user-friendly data presentation. Research programs for other imaging modalities are currently being prepared.

Elmer Mulder, CEO of VUmc said: “We are very excited about our collaboration with Philips. I am confident that VUmc’s excellence in medical care and expertise in molecular imaging, combined with Philips innovation in next-generation medical scanners, will result in further progress in improving the lives of patients suffering from devastating oncological, neurological and cardiovascular diseases.”