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European Commission authorise sedative Dexdor®

The European Commission has granted centralised marketing authorisation for dexdor® (dexmedetomidine), indicated for sedation of adult intensive care unit (ICU) patients requiring a sedation level not deeper than arousal in response to verbal stimulation (corresponding to Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale 0 to -3).

Dexdor® (dexmedetomidine) is now licensed across all 27 European Union countries.

The active substance of dexdor® is dexmedetomidine, a sedative agent originated by Orion Corporation’s pharmaceutical R&D.

Dexmedetomidine is available with the brand name Precedex® in more than 30 countries outside Europe, including the USA (since 2000) and Japan (since 2004).

The distributor for the product outside Europe is Hospira, under Orion’s license.

Orion Corporation