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European Commission approves BRAFTOVI and MEKTOVI to treat advanced BRAF-mutant melanoma

The European Commission (EC) had approved the use of BRAFTOVI (encorafenib) and MEKTOVI (binimetinib) to treat adults with advanced BRAF-mutant melanoma.

The EC’s decision is based on results from the Phase 3 COLUMBUS trial, which demonstrated 14.9 months median progression-free survival and 33.6 months median overall survival with the combination therapyversus vemurafenib monotherapy with 7.3 and 16.9 months, respectively.

This approval means physicians and patients will now have BRAFTOVI and MEKTOVI as an effective and well-tolerated treatment combination option.

The treatment has been shown to delay disease progression and has the potential to prolong patients’ lives, according to manufacturer Pierre Fabre.