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Eucomed expands compliance leadership with new “Code of Ethics: Procedural Framework”

9 October, 2009  

Eucomed, the European medical technology association, announced today that its General Assembly has unanimously approved a new “Code of Ethics: Procedural Framework” to ensure compliance with its recently updated Code of Ethics.

Collaboration and partnership between hospitals, clinicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals and the medical technology industry has a long history, which has led to significant medical discoveries in Europe and other regions.

This collaboration has been a critical factor in the history of medical innovation and remains important today and in the future.

Research and Development are at the heart of innovation in the sector, in addition to education and training. These aspects are key to ensuring the safe, efficient delivery of innovative medical technology to the people that benefit the most – patients. This requires a deep level of trust and collaboration between Healthcare Professionals and those organisations that provide the tools they need to deliver effective patient care.

Eucomed’s new Procedural Framework provides an effective and efficient process to further align the medical technology industry on compliant practices and resolutions. The new Procedural Framework, which is based on Eucomed’s Code of Ethics, is an extrajudicial mechanism based on principles of autonomy, proportionality, speed, due process, fairness and transparency. It provides consistent principles and enforcement structures for Europe, building on the existing processes at national level.

A Compliance Panel will ensure consistent interpretation of the Eucomed rules, which are the standard across Europe for the industry. Non-member companies and organisations also have an opportunity to adopt and abide by the Eucomed Code’s principles.

“This new enforcement mechanism reflects the medical technology industry’s ongoing commitment to transparency, legitimacy and high ethical standards,” said Guy J Lebeau, Chairman of the Eucomed Board.

“Our industry’s primary focus is to improve patients’ lives and we want to ensure that collaboration between physicians and the industry’s scientists and engineers is critical for the continued development of health technology innovations.”

Following yesterday’s adoption by the General Assembly, Eucomed will initiate the organisational structures and procedures necessary for this mechanism to operate.

“Nothing is more important for our industry than to maintain public trust and safeguard integrity,” said John Wilkinson, CEO of Eucomed.

“Today’s action by Eucomed’s General Assembly sends a strong signal that we take seriously our responsibility for legitimate and ethical business practices.”

The Procedural Framework is based on the Eucomed “Code of Ethics” and Q&A which includes guidelines on the Interaction with healthcare providers throughout Europe.

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