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Ethicon endo-surgery launches Trocar

12 May, 2010  

ENDOPATH XCEL Trocar with OPTIVIEW technology designed to Mitigate Trocar-Induced smudging

Ethicon Endo-Surgery has announced the launch of the ENDOPATH XCEL Trocar with OPTIVIEW Technology, the first and only trocar specifically designed to provide superior visualisation by virtually eliminating trocar-induced smudging. Trocar-induced smudging, a common occurrence during minimally invasive surgery, can be disruptive to surgeons.

“To maintain optimal visualisation, repeated cleaning of the endoscope lens is often required when trocar-induced smudging occurs. This process of re-cleaning the lens can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience that unnecessarily lengthens and disrupts the procedure,” said Barry McKernan, M.D., a pioneer of minimally invasive surgery. “The ENDOPATH XCEL Trocar with OPTIVIEW Technology has been developed with unique technology specifically to address this challenge in surgery, which may be a valuable asset to many surgeons.”

Trocar-induced smudging occurs in all leading brand trocars when, during an instrument exchange, bodily fluids are wiped off and retained within the trocar’s seal system. When an endoscope needs to be removed periodically for cleaning, or to be moved to another port, these trapped fluids and debris can be applied to the endoscope lens, resulting in trocar-induced smudging. Surgeons may then need to stop the procedure to clean the lens to restore proper vision. This may occur repeatedly during a procedure.

New OPTIVIEW Technology in the ENDOPATH XCEL Trocars is designed to carefully wipe bodily fluid or debris from the endoscope shaft and draw the fluid through wicking channels out radially towards the absorbent ring. The fluid is then contained within the absorbent ring, keeping the endoscope clear upon trocar reinsertion, thus helping to provide optimal views of the surgical field. This trocar with superior visualisation is equipped to provide the established performance of previous ENDOPATH  XCEL Trocars, including seal durability, low drag force, abdominal wall retention and low port site herniation.

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