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Epilepsy unit cutting waiting times

26 August, 2008  

State-of-the-art equipment has enabled doctors in Sheffield to achieve excellent results by targeting the brain surgery undergone by epilepsy sufferers.

The GBP 50,000 video telemetry unit helps diagnose epilepsy and measure brainwave patterns, allowing doctors to find the specific area of the brain which requires surgery.

It was donated by Sheffield charity Neurocare to the neurosciences department at the city’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Doctors are able to pinpoint exactly where to operate on patients who suffer from epileptic seizures.

Rosalind Kandler, consultant neurophysiologist at the hospital, said: “The demand for this specialist equipment has gone up massively over the past few years, but having them at our disposal has cut waiting lists dramatically and means we are able to help diagnose and treat even more patients who are currently living with these terrible, disruptive conditions.”

Using the video telemetry unit, specialists are able to remove the small area of brain which causes seizures.

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