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Electronic system lets patients book X-rays

Patients at a hospital in the UK are being allowed to book X-ray appointments directly via an NHS electronic system.

Mid Essex Hospitals said it was first trust in England to allow this.

Richard Hammond, general manager for radiology at Mid Essex Hospitals, said: “Initially we have introduced this as a pilot project to ensure the system is working correctly.

“We have released all of our plain film X-ray appointments at St Michael’s hospital in Braintree onto the Choose and Book system.

“Currently only GPs in the Braintree area are able to book into this pilot scheme.

“Shortly, we will make available the appointments for plain film X-rays at St Peter’s in Maldon and St John’s in Chelmsford.

“In the New Year we will extend this and also introduce other diagnostic tests such as barium enemas and ultrasound screening onto the system.”

Mid Essex Hospitals