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ECG telemedicine works wonders

A hospital in the UK is using ECG telemedicine to reduce pressure on healthcare providers within the Somerset Primary Care tTust.

A handheld device transfers ECG data to trained cardiologists who can offer rapid, expert advice. This can help clinicians that are not experts in cardiology to make more informed clinical decisions and provide robust risk management.

The trust says the device will improve clinical outcomes and help achieve high levels of patient care.

Care costs have already reduced and the device is predicted to save £46m a year and cut the number of patient referrals to the local hospital. This in turn will free up beds and reduce pressure on ambulance and local emergency services.

Mike Paynter, nurse practitioner at Bridgewater Community Hospital, said: “There has been overwhelming support for the service amongst clinicians.

“Having access to fast, expert advice on sometimes complex clinical issues is an invaluable aid.”

He adds that he hopes such services will be rolled out to all minor injury and treatment centers across the country as it “brings emergency department standards of diagnostic support into the community.”