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Dutch hospital purchases new MRI scanner

ZorgSaam Zeeuws-Vlaanderen hospital in Terneuzen, The Netherlands, a centre for orthopaedic and bariatric surgery, has purchased a new MRI scanner.

Radiologists chose the FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI in order to increase the diagnostic precision of the images of weight-bearing anatomy, to improve orthopaedic surgical outcomes.

This is the fifth UPRIGHT MRI sold by Tecserena, GmbH, FONAR’s European distributor since 2006.

Camiel Raaijmakers, MD, Hospital ZorgSaam Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, said, “My colleague, Frank Raat, MD and I as radiologists became intrigued and fascinated by the FONAR UPRIGHT MRI system during our yearly visits to the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) exhibit, in Chicago.

“We realised that UPRIGHT MR imaging could be the answer for many of our questions in spinal imaging that cannot adequately be solved with our recumbent MRI system… [such as] patients with degenerative instability and spinal canal stenosis, whiplash patients and postoperative patients with failed back surgery.

“In younger patients, in need of scoliosis imaging, it is the perfect answer to reduce the radiation exposure during yearly follow-ups.”

“We intend to collaborate with the orthopaedic surgeons at the University Hospital of Ghent (Belgium) for follow-up of meniscal transplants. So far there has been no imaging possibility to predict graft extrusion. Now it is possible to perform weight-bearing imaging for this indication with the UPRIGHT MRI,” said Dr Raaijmakers.

FONAR has now sold 166 UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI scanners. Raymond Damadian, MD, president and founder of FONAR said, “Naturally we at FONAR see the FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI as indispensable to top quality medical care, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in the spine and other weight-bearing anatomy.”

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