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Dutch hospital connects to National Switchpoint

23 May, 2008  

A hospital in the Netherlands has become the country’s first to connect to the National Switchpoint (LSP).

St Jansdal hospital in Harerwijk is now able to retrieve patient medication information via the Electronic Medication Record system. Three pharmacies in the region have also been connected to system.

The hospital’s connection to LSP is via the Transmural Medication View (TMV), developed by software firm iSOFT. The TMV gives specialists and other healthcare professionals an overview of all medication prescribed to a patient throughout the Netherlands, which is recorded in the National Electronic Medication Dossier (EMD).

The TMV system was tested at St Jansdal hospital’s pharmacy, and there are plans to roll it out to the accident & emergency and other specialist units.

The EMD itself is a subdivision of the national Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) scheme, which will eventually contain all the information relevant to patient treatment, in a programme aimed at improving patient safety in hospitals and polyclinics.
Roland Ekkelenkamp, regional project manager at St Jansdal, said:  “We are proud to be the first hospital that is connected to the National Switchpoint (LSP).”
He added that the project would make a “significant contribution” to the implemenation of the national electronic patient record project.