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Dräger introduces the next generation Isolette

23 September, 2009  

Precise thermoregulation, ease and comfort for the caregiver and parents, and efficiency in the NICU – these are core features of the next generation infant incubator from Dräger.

The Isolette 8000 is designed with many ergonomic and practical features to optimise clinical processes. The latest member of the Isolette family builds on a proven design while incorporating advanced features to facilitate best possible care for the fragile neonate.

As a familiar face in the NICU, the Isolette brand is associated with a proven and reliable design and has been known by caregivers across the globe for many decades. The Isolette family of infant incubators has shaped the caregiver’s workplace with innovations like the patented Dual Air Curtain known from the Isolette C2000. This thermal management capability, which is also part of the Isolette 8000, reduces radiant heat loss from the infant and contributes to a cocoon-like environment, where the neonate can thrive. In addition, the Isolette 8000 offers continuous monitoring of both central and peripheral body temperature for the baby. By monitoring both temperatures, caregivers are better able to anticipate the changing needs of the baby. Supported by the compact design of the evaporation chamber, additional humidification can be precisely regulated if required. A new Condensation Management System removes the condensate from the incubator compartment and separates it from the clean water supply. This feature supports infection control practices and enables a more hygienic approach.

Enabling caregivers to do their job better provides better care for the neonate. With this in mind, the Isolette 8000’s versatile design was conceived to fit into an ever congested and busy NICU. Its compact shape and small footprint is of significant importance in the NICU space. It allows caregivers to attend to critical babies and access them for minor and major interventions. Many nurses can appreciate that the Isolette 8000 can be easily maneuvered in tight spaces and sharp corners.

While hospitals are learning to address more patients with fewer personnel, cleaning incubators to admit the next baby becomes a larger concern. Because the Isolette 8000 was designed with fewer parts, cleaning should take a lot less time than many of the incubators on the market. Its humidity system can easily be autoclaved and sterilised to keep pace with infection control practices.