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Disney donates £1m to hospital

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital has teamed up with entertainment giant Walt Disney in a bid to raise £10m.

And the company has already given the world-renowned hospital an initial donation of £1m, which will be put towards redeveloping the site.

Robert Iger, president and chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company, presented the cheque to Dr Jane Collins, the hospital’s chief executive.

All of the money which is raised as part of the appeal will go towards the construction of a new area in the next stage of the hospital’s redevelopment.

This will include a meeting space for patients, their families, visitors, and staff, complete with a restaurant and a cafe.

The facility will also house a Disney-branded interactive zone, which will be created by Disney’s staff and the hospital’s design team.

Mr Iger said: “All of us at Disney hope this donation and fundraising effort helps ensure that Great Ormond Street Hospital continues to deliver the quality compassionate care for which it is rightly known.”

Dr Collins added: “We are very grateful to Disney for their generosity and this initial £1m donation. The money that Disney is aiming to raise for the hospital will be invaluable.”

The hospital needs to raise £170m over the next five years to redevelop two-thirds of its site.

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