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Digital x-rays save time and money

4 September, 2008  

The time required to conduct general X-ray examinations compared with traditional film/screen systems is set to be greatly reduced by a new digital imaging system.

Carestream Health claims that its DRX-1 can capture multiple images for a standard patient x-ray examination in less than a minute.

It says the new digital radiography (DR) system is much less expensive than implementing other DR imaging systems, which require the renovation of entire x-ray rooms.

The company says the DRX-1 will cost about �70,000, up to 75% less than the cost of installing a new DR imaging system and retrofitting an x-ray room.

It features wireless communications between imaging components and a console that processes and displays the images before forwarding the study to a management system for review, reporting and storage.

Carestream says that 93% of x-ray exam rooms worldwide do not yet have DR technology, which is the fastest digital imaging available for general x-ray exams. This system is expected to be available globally in early 2009.

Said spokesman Todd Minnigh: “Its enhanced productivity and low cost makes it an excellent business decision for healthcare providers that need to handle a growing number of patients with existing staff and equipment.”

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