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Digital platform to engage patients and track outcomes following orthopaedic surgery launched

14 March, 2018  

In partnership with Wellframe Inc., a mobile-enabled care management solution provider, Smith & Nephew utilises HealthMeasures’s Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Computer-Adaptive Tests (CATs) to collect data from patients by measuring their recovery at regular time points.

The Wellframe platform includes a care team dashboard and an interactive, patient mobile application, available on Apple and Android devices. Key components of the application include a personalised, daily checklist with education and reminders to patients to engage in behaviours required to aid their surgery preparation and rehabilitation, as well as messaging between surgical teams and patients.

Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes is important to assess the effectiveness of clinical procedures. More than 25% of NHS post-operative paper PROs are not completed, something which prevents the accurate assessment of outcomes. Often time-consuming and inefficient, traditional PROs require patients to answer long surveys of up to 40 or more questions on their well-being and healing at each post-operative check-up visit.

PROMIS CAT can be significantly quicker than traditional paper-based PRO methods, intuitively guiding patients through an average of five to seven questions that are calibrated to reflect previous answers. A respondent’s current state of health and satisfaction is recorded quickly and precisely with surgeons able to track their patients progress interactively on a more regular basis rather than relying on unnecessary clinical visits.

Smith & Nephew has launched research studies in the UK and US at select hospitals. One of the clinical investigators, Professor Iain McNamara, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK, said:

Traditional PRO collection is time-consuming and often burdensome for both patients and HCPs. Using mobile technology is a significant improvement over standard care, providing the patient with an easy-to-use tool to report their progress and enabling surgeons to track patient recovery closely. Moreover, the PRO data collection is seamless, and enables us to also evaluate our hospital’s performance.”

The effectiveness of an orthopaedic procedure is dependent on the skill of the surgeon, the product used and the commitment of the patient to follow their recovery programme. Our innovative platform has the potential to revolutionise the recovery process for each patient and provide invaluable data to inform future innovation and clinical practice,” said Andy Weymann, Chief Medical Officer, Smith & Nephew.

Smith & Nephew has a bold vision to advance PRO capture and enhance patient outcomes, by providing additional value to clinicians and patients. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to support this effort,” said Jacob Sattelmair, CEO, Wellframe.