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Digital pens improve treatment of acute diabetes in Germany

19 November, 2009  

Mobile technology is helping those with acute diabetes in Germany manage their illness more effectively so that long-term complications associated with the illness can be treated earlier.

A new telemedicine solution called DiabCareOnline from Germany’s Ontaris, being highlighted at this week’s MEDICA (Hannover, 18–21 November), combines a blood glucose meter and patient diary with the Anoto digital pen and a mobile phone to enable faster communication of patient data.

The new system is already being rolled out to diabetes patients at Bethesda Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany.

From the patient’s point of view, the monitoring process remains virtually the same as before: they measure their blood sugar with the meter and fill in their patient diaries. But instead of a normal pen they use the Anoto digital pen, which automatically captures their handwritten notes and converts them into digital format.