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Diagnostics leader delivers new fertility service for UK

28 November, 2014  

Adding a new dimension to its portfolio, the firm has engaged its scientists and clinicians in creating one of the world’s most advanced fertility health assessments. These ground-breaking fertility checks for men and women, involve in-depth physical and biological assessments, with 110 tests carried out, including Randox’s unique DNA based protein testing, run on patented biochip array technology, which allows for simultaneous testing of multianalytes.  

The results provide a blueprint of health of the entire body, evaluating its preparedness for conception and pregnancy; a pioneering approach to fertility, as Randox MD, Dr Peter FitzGerald explains:

Around one in six couples in the UK has difficulty conceiving – due to our research and experience, we know that this is not always down to a problem with the sperm, eggs and reproductive organs. Issues in other parts of the body may have a significant impact on fertility, from hormone imbalance, obesity and stress.

We are using the latest medical and scientific techniques available to assess the whole body, to provide clarity and to help boost fertility. For many couples, we know that very sophisticated treatment, such as IVF is not always needed. Sometimes even a simple change in lifestyle or diet is enough.”

The new fertility health checks are being launched through Randox’s healthcare division Randox Health, in partnership with local fertility experts from GCRM Belfast the Regional Fertility Centre at the Royal Victoria Hospital and the Urology Department at the Belfast City Hospital.  Dr Peter McFaul of GCRM Belfast says the new service will open up new investigative options for people thinking of having a baby:
We at GCRM-Belfast, value this partnership with Randox, who are bringing more than 3 decades of experience in diagnostics to the area of fertility and planning for a family. Combined with our own state of the art facility and advanced treatment options, we believe that we can now bring an unrivalled and complete fertility service to Northern Ireland from the first stages of planning a family, through to the treatment of infertility”.

The push into fertility health has led to the creation of an additional 20 jobs within the Randox Health division in Northern Ireland and London.  GPs, nurse specialists and administrative staff have been recruited to meet the growing demand for Randox’s health checks and the private GP service in The City of London and at Randox Health Clinics in the Greater Belfast Area.

The announcement of the new service comes as international fertility experts gather in Belfast for the Reproductive Health Conference led by Randox Health.  The latest developments in diagnosis and treatment in the field of sexual and reproductive health will be discussed including; Men’s sexual health and the ‘manopause’, the use of Time Lapse photography in assisted reproductive therapy and the use of cutting edge molecular diagnostics in the detection of sexually transmitted infections.