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Diagnostic workstation goes live in Swedish hospital

7 March, 2008  

Södertälje Hospital in Sweden has gone live with a new diagnostic workstation for radiologists.

Recent trends in radiology include rapidly increasing data volumes produced by new radiology equipment. New modalities such as multi-slice CT scanners will soon provide up to terabyte datasets for single radiology examinations.

The picture archiving and communication system (PACS), optimised for handling large dataset is called IDS7/dx and is produced by Stockholm-based healthcare systems firm Sectra.

The system also enables distributed reading, where examinations are performed at one hospital and reviewed at another location, such as a radiologist’s home office.

“With Sectra’s new workstation, our radiologists can review images at a location that best suits his or her individual situation, even from home. This enables us to use our resources in the most efficient manner,” said Peter Svozil, Head of the Radiology Department at Södertälje Hospital.

“Our cooperation with Sectra provides us the absolute leading edge of viable PACS technology based on real clinical needs that will make our everyday work easier.”

The latest addition to the Sectra PACS workstation product range, IDS7/dx, was launched in November 2007 at the Radiology Society of North America’s annual meeting, the world’s largest radiology technology trade fair.