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Developing intelligent equipment for elderly

A project in Spain is to create numerous devices specifically designed and adapted for elderly and disabled patients.

Researchers plan to develop both specific ready-to-use products as well as computer program components that will make it easy to create special services to care for the elderly and immobile.

Ready-to-use products will include biosensors, portable systems to be intergrated into the human body, wireless networks and multimodal interfaces.

Cooperated effort between technology companies, research groups and the private sector has allowed the project, “AmIVital: digital personal environment for health and wellbeing” to go ahead.

It will be based in Granada, Spain, as this region has a high concentration of companies and regional public research bodies.

The department of Innovation, Science and Business of the Andalusian Regional Government is due to offer the project support.

Head of the AmIVital project, Luis Gonzalez says the project will span the next four years and, “the fist results and their direct application to patients will take place in the shortrun.”

University of Granada