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Designs for Lisbon Research and Clinical Centre unveiled

Cancer and neurosciences research and treatment received a major boost recently when the Champalimaud Foundation presented the architectural drawings for its new Research Centre in Lisbon.

The Foundation has commissioned Charles Correa Associates as design architects, in collaboration with RMJM Hillier as laboratory and clinical design architects, and Consiste as the Architect of Record, for the 50,000 sq m research facility and outpatient clinical care centre.

The site will provide facilities for research in oncology, molecular biology, genetics, immunology, neurosciences and behaviour; as well as postgraduate and doctorate programmes; and the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and cancer patients.

Three main structures have been unveiled by the architects:

•    Building A, which will house the Diagnostic Centre, Treatment Centre, and Wellness Centre on the lower levels, and the research labs and administration on the upper floors. A rainforest garden, accessible to patients and staff, grows within the building.

•    Building B will house the auditorium, restaurant and the exhibition area on the entrance level and on the upper level the conference centre, together with the Foundation offices connected via an elegant glass bridge to the research labs.
•    Building C will be an open-air amphitheatre facing the river for public performances and community events.
The three buildings have been arranged to create a 125m long open-to-sky pathway or ramp leading diagonally across the site, towards the Atlantic ocean.

According to Charles Correa, the design reflects the history of the exploration of the Atlantic by Portuguese seamen: “It is a recall of the journeys undertaken into the unknown 500 years ago by the Portuguese explorers that defined the ethos of the nation – journeys that are a metaphor for the cutting-edge scientific research that will be undertaken at this Champalimaud Centre.”

The Champalimaud Centre is expected to be completed in 2010.

The Champalimaud Foundation

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“What a wonderful way to re-chart the Portuguese spirit of adventure and discovery into the future!” – Ian Rowcliffe, Oporto, Portugal