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DePuy Synthes companies announces five-year cooperation agreement with the AO Foundation

The DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson announced that the company has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with the AO Foundation to continue the work they began together in 1960 to deliver world-class professional education and develop new innovations that improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency of care.

Through the agreement, DePuy Synthes Companies will be the key industry partner for the AO Technical Commission (AOTK) for each of its specialty areas: trauma and corrective surgery of the musculoskeletal system, spine, craniomaxillofacial, veterinary products and related instruments and implants. The AO Specialties continually redefine the state-of-the-art in their respective fields, maintaining activities in research, development, clinical investigation and education.

The two independent organisations will collaborate on innovation and certification of new DePuy Synthes Companies products by AOTK that will then be used in AO educational activities. More than 200,000 healthcare professionals are expected to participate in AO programmes globally over the next five years.

The AO Foundation, founded in 1958, provides professional education to an extensive global network of surgeons, operating room personnel, and scientists in more than 100 countries. Since DePuy Synthes Companies and the AO began collaborating in 1960, a substantial investment has been made in research, development and education. In addition, vital training including direct hands-on courses has been provided to more than 450,000 surgeons and 150,000 operating room professionals from 124 countries around the world.

The AO Foundation and DePuy Synthes Companies have maintained a strong relationship for 55 years because of a shared passion for advancing patient care,” said Ciro Roemer, Company Group Chairman, DePuy Synthes Companies International Markets. “Bringing together the unique perspectives of DePuy Synthes Companies and the AO will help us accurately identify and effectively solve the most pressing clinical issues in musculoskeletal surgery and then teach clinicians to appropriately use those solutions.

Through this cooperation agreement, DePuy Synthes Companies and the AO will continue to work together to make meaningful contributions to global healthcare.