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Definiens sole supplier of automated image analysis for ProMark™ prostate cancer prognostic test

Definiens, the global leader in image analysis for digital pathology and diagnostics, announced today that it has signed a multi-year contract with Metamark Genetics, a privately held biotechnology company, to be the sole supplier of automated image analysis for the newly launched ProMark™ prostate cancer prognostic test.
ProMark™ is a multiplex immunofluorescence test that has successfully integrated Definiens’ core image analysis software technology platform to automatically classify prostate tumour regions of interest and quantify a novel biomarker expression panel from prostate biopsies. The ultimate result is a robust ProMark™ prostate score which allows for improved treatment decisions over current subjective pathology reads.
“Definiens was an integral part of the development, validation, and commercialisation of Metamark Genetics’ ProMark™ prognostic test. By utilising Definiens’ automated image analysis platform in the test, the importance and value of tissue datafication for accurate cancer prognosis and better treatment recommendations has been highlighted. ProMark™ and Definiens are now enabling clinicians to make the best decisions for their patients based on solid data,” said Thomas Heydler, CEO of Definiens.
The six year contract with Metamark Genetics includes multi-year term license fees and royalties.