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Data handling systems aid imaging and IT firm

A European global imaging and healthcare IT systems company says it has cut time to market by 60% and boosted localised visual software content quality from 75% to 95% by utilising two information management systems.

Belgian-based Agfa HealthCare said it worked with global information management (GIM) systems provider SDL.

The gains were achieved by implementing SDL’s MultiTerm system to manage corporate terminology, and its Passolo system for visual software localisation.

Agfa said it used the corporate terminology system to enable management of terms used in centralised radiology and clinical information systems. With English and German as source languages, Agfa uses the system to store terms along with definitions, descriptions, images and translations.

Agfa said MultiTerm had enhanced output quality and the speed and effectiveness of corporate term management. Publication quality had increased significantly by presenting accurate, approved and standardised terms to the author, as well as highlighting forbidden terms to ensure they are not used.

Terminology is highlighted during the translation process for translator acceptance, which the firm said speeds the review cycle because translations are more accurate and consistent.

Agfa said the average overall quality of first-time translation had risen from 75% to 95%, which cascaded down into enhanced brand recognition and improved productivity.

The company had also extended its global information management capabilities by integrating the visual software localisation system, which aimed to eases the translation of software GUIs in radiology and clinical information management systems.

Translation of the GUI content was typically completed with translated words and phrases (eg, “Click here to continue”, “Accept Translation”, “Cancel”) using validated terms captured in the MultiTerm system.

Updating of the centralised terminology happened continuously, so consistent terms could also be referenced while translating the Help and Documentation.