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CytoCore launches smear testing product in Spain

Biopharmaceutical research and medical device company CytoCore Inc has announced its first order and shipment of SoftPAP cell collectors to Palex Medical SA.

Palex Medical SA, a medical equipment distributor to the Spanish hospital market based in Sant Cugat del Vall├Ęs (Barcelona), Spain will be the second company in Europe to launch CytoCore’s SoftPAP cervical cell collector, a device designed to enhance patient comfort and safety while improving the quality of cervical cell specimens for Pap or smear testing. With Palex as distributor, Spain is the second country in Europe to receive the SoftPAP Collector.

“We are very pleased to be introducing this important new product to our Spanish medical market,” said Xavier Carbonell, Deputy President of Palex Medical. “The Collector’s combination of improved patient comfort, ease-of-use and more reliable test results represents a significant advance in women’s health.

“We are very interested in CytoCore and its product line. There are several CytoCore products under development that we believe represent opportunities for our markets and clients, and we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with CytoCore.”

SoftPAP is designed to collect a full 360 degree specimen from both the cervical canal and the outer surface of the cervix simultaneously resulting in a more complete and comprehensive specimen for smear testing. Clinical studies have shown that SoftPAP collects a better quality specimen while reducing adverse events, primarily bleeding and spotting, by 95%.

“SoftPAP is a vast improvement over the current method which involves specimen collection using a wooden or plastic spatula and cervical brush,” says Dick Domanik, PhD, President and COO of CytoCore.

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