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Cryoanalgesia of the facet joint with the new inomed C3 CryoSystem

inomed introduces our latest development for pain management. The inomed C3 CryoSystem delivers cryolesion, a new standard of technology in pain treatment.
Literature indicates that up to 40 % of chronic lumbar back pain is due to pain-triggering wear-and-tear processes in facet joints. With chronic deep back pain there is often no lasting effect with medical therapy or facet joint injections. However after definite diagnosis, denervation techniques may be an alternative to stop the pain. With this technique, the vicious circle of pain can be interrupted and the patient is able to start further treatments such as physiotherapy to reach longer lasting pain reduction.
Cryolesion has been demonstrated to be a successful neurodestructive treatment. It is a minimally invasive technique, with the aim of lasting pain relief through selective interruption or modification of the pain signal conduction along the affected nerve pathways.
The basic principle consists of the precise localisation of the affected nerve under x-ray control and electrical stimulation. This is followed by one to two-minute icing at approximately -65 °C. The freezing causes axonotmesis, i.e., severing of the axon and damage to the myelin sheath whereby the sheath structure of the nerve remains intact. The nerve remains numb for a month or longer but is not destroyed. After the elimination of the primary pain, pain therapy on the frequently occurring secondary pain is useful. The patient is able to start with further treatments such as physiotherapy to reach long lasting pain reduction. Complications are minimal and there are no side effect.
The C3 CryoSystem provides the latest high technology cryolesion solution delivering precision for surgeons and enhanced patient safety.
The C3 CryoSystem offers an intuitive user interface with a simple menu structure for all standard functions. In addition, the standard hardware features include USB interface and Ethernet network connectivity, The most important treatment functions including stimulation, freezing or defrosting can be optionally controlled with the foot switch. An integrated stimulator permits a precise electrical stimulation and an exact localisation of the nerve. The cryo probe enables a precise freezing at the selected nerve. The automatic control and regulation of all relevant parameters including gas flow or pressure provides enhanced safety for patients and surgeons.
Patient information can be added to the C3 record using the integrated barcode reader by scanning the patient record. All recording parameters and results from stimulation and freezing can be documented, annotated and saved. This results in a comprehensive report documenting the patient treatment.