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Consumers seek alternatives to cosmetic surgery

14 March, 2008  

The market for premium beauty products is growing as European and US consumers, increasingly concerned with their appearance, strive to avoid expensive and invasive cosmetic surgery, according to a new report.

The report, “Professional and Expert Personal and Oral Care Solutions: Future Trends and Perspectives”, published by online business information store Report Buyers, says that time is a factor in consumer choice, as well as expense.

Though cosmetic surgery is increasingly common, it is seen as inconvenient and expensive, and consumers will pay considerably for products claiming comparable results. Anti-wrinkle creams and tooth-whitening kits are two notable examples of this.

Meanwhile, market analysts Datamonitor say that the UK spends the most on cosmetic surgery of any European nation.  The BBC report that UK consumers spent £500 million on cosmetic procedures in 2006, and that Datamonitor predict that this will rise to £1.5 billion by 2011.

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