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Conservatives say alcohol-related admissions doubled since 2000

New figures unearthed by Andrew Lansley, Shadow Health Secretary, suggest a considerable increase in the number of people treated for alcohol-related illnesses in hospital.

The number of under-18s hospitalised for alcohol misuse has increased by nearly 40% since 2000. Last year, 8,245 under-18s were admitted to hospital via A&E for alcohol misuse.

The number of adults hospitalised for alcohol misuse has doubled since 2000. Last year 152,216 adults were admitted to hospital via A&E for alcohol misuse.

According to the Conservative Party, the rate of increase in admissions to hospital for both age groups has rapidly accelerated in the past five years under Labour, with a 12% increase in total admissions for both group in Labour’s first five years, but a 79% increase in Labour’s second five years in power.
Commenting, Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley said:

“These figures reveal the human cost of the Government’s failure to make public health a priority. These cases are largely preventable and put enormous pressure on an already overstretched NHS. It is particularly scandalous that so many teenagers are ending up in hospital as a result of excessive drinking.

“Tackling public health challenges is a social responsibility in which everyone has a part to play. But, Labour’s plundering of public health budgets to meet deficits has meant we just haven’t had the leadership and cultural change we need on public health.”

The Conservative Party