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CompuGroup Medical invests 130 Million Euros in health system

In the next five years the CompuGroup Medical AG will invest 130 Million Euros in the health system. Operative expenditures will be activated, among other things, for new and further developments of innovative products already underway in the Software Assisted Medicine (SAM) line.

These intelligent software solutions support physicians in the precisely focused preparation of medical knowledge as well as in the making available of relevant data and patient-specific information and recommendations − at the right time and place. Information on the innovations has been provided by the enterprise in a series of ten articles. The first article introduces the SAM Server and the SAM Framework.

The basis of Software Assisted Medicine is the SAM Server: It acts as both central memory and control unit and organizes the electronic communication between all parties involved in the health system. The SAM Framework processes medical knowledge and guidelines as basis technology in the SAM Server and makes the relevant information available over standardized interfaces.

The SAM Server as knowledge and information store
The SAM Server is the core element of SAM’s medical knowledge: Here is where medical treatment paths are stored, patient data squared, and instructions for guideline-tuned treatment provided. This information is individually harmonized with the health data of each and every patient and is displayed in context in the doctor’s and hospital’s information system  precisely at the time the physician needs support and precisely at the place where they are relevant. The upshot: Better quality of treatment, hence better quality of life.

The SAM Framework provides the framework for the communication
The SAM Framework processes the data on the SAM Server according to indicated product and makes it available in standardized form over interfaces. In daily application the SAM Framework thereby makes possible through this standardization the communication between all service providers in the health system: resident physicians, hospitals, rehab centers, old people’s homes, health insurance companies or medical device manufacturers.
Medical device manufacturers transfer information without frictional loss
By means of the SAM Framework, f.i., manufacturers of medical devices can send information to half of the physicians in Germany with no friction. This is because some one out of two doctors works with a physician’s information system from CompuGroup Medical and thus automatically has a connection with the SAM Framework. As an open system, however, the interfaces of the SAM Framework are available to all other physicians as well. Integration into the respective system is simple and can be done in no time at all by every system provider.

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