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Company tie-up over revolutionary infection control system

Sirane has joined forces with MTP Innovations to market and further develop DiffX – a simple-to-use yet 100% effective cleaning and disinfection solution, which not only delivers infection prevention, but can also contribute to significant financial savings.

An exciting addition to Sirane’s already popular Sira-Care range, the company is already working on providing the product in new formats to complement the existing range – the first of which is hoped will be producing a pack of DiffX handy wipes.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Sira-Care DiffX is a fantastic product, and our partnership with MTP Innovations is a perfect fit. We can take the work they have done, and adapt it, developing new formats and new uses as we build on the potential that DiffX offers.

MTP Innovations has developed a product capable of revolutionising infection control on a global scale. Their expertise and development work can now be built upon by Sirane’s expertise in material science and manufacturing capabilities to advance the product.

DiffX truly represents a new generation of infection control. It is non-chlorine-based, non-corrosive, cleans and disinfects at the same time, and eliminates all surface contamination – including MRSA and viruses, C Diff spores, Norovirus, TB and Mycrobacteria.

It can save users money by keeping wards clean, disinfected and infection free, reducing lost bed days, the cost of decontamination, cost of antibiotics and treatments, staff sickness and temporary staff. As it is non-corrosive it also maximises equipment use.

Jonathan Mason, Sirane business development manager, said: “Sira-Care DiffX is very simple to use. The soluble sachets are simply dissolved in warm water – and the disinfectant becomes active. Once made up the solution can be used for up to 24 hours.

At the moment, DiffX is available in sachets and with a trigger spray bottle, but the first stage of our development work is to introduce a range of disinfectant wipes.

DiffX will be marketed initially at hospitals, health centres and care homes, but the potential scope for the product is vast – as possible markets include anywhere that is regularly cleaned. Schools, shopping centres, airports, even businesses could benefit…

Mike Jepson, MTP Innovations managing director, said:  “MTP has established a reputation for reliable, quality products and delivery within the NHS and healthcare market. “Combined with our excellent environmental cleaning training programme, DiffX delivers excellent infection prevention outcomes and control techniques, supporting the work of the NHS and infection prevention and patient safety teams in an innovative way.”

Over the last two years the company has attracted interest from a variety of market sectors and the potential application of DiffX. As an SME with a small team MTP decided to find a global distributor spanning multiple sectors.
We are delighted that we have found a partner in Sirane. Sirane operates in the global arena and has grown year on year offering innovative products, continuous product development and excellent customer service. The two companies are already working on new products using DiffX technology and Sirane’s wealth of R&D expertise.

Sirane offers MTP the opportunity to be represented on a global platform whilst extending our own product offering to existing and new customers.