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Codenomicon receives Frost & Sullivan award

24 November, 2009  

The Frost & Sullivan 2009 World Security Test Equipment Technology Leadership of the Year Award, is presented to Codenomicon Ltd.

Codenomicon’s trademarked DEFENSICS™ test platform demonstrates a high degree of innovation.

By incorporating the latest technology trends and research into its intelligent fuzzing techniques, DEFENSICS™ fulfils the changing testing needs of network equipment manufacturers, network operators and enterprises.

While, traditional security testing has been overwhelmed by the fast adoption rate of new technologies, fuzzing has proven itself as an easily adaptable testing technique.

“The company recently launched an updated version of the platform, DEFENSICS 3.0, which can be used across different technologies, like 4G/LTE, Metro Ethernet, FCoE, WiMAX and XML, among others,” comments Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Srihari Padmanabhan.

“Other recent releases include a general purpose traffic capture fuzzer, which is a very practical and cost-effective tool for testing proprietary protocols when model based tests are not available.”

The fundamental challenges in robustness testing are the infinite number of potential vulnerabilities and the difficulty of reaching the deeper protocol layers.

The DEFENSICS™ Attack Simulation Engine is the industry’s first state-aware test case generator.

It utilizes deep protocol models to intelligently target protocol areas most susceptible to vulnerabilities even in deeper protocol layers with high accuracy, while maintaining broad coverage through automatic test generation.

“DEFENSICS™ solutions achieve remarkable efficiency in discovering both known and unknown bugs,” notes Padmanabhan. “It offers off-shelf testing tools for over 150 protocols and file formats with thousands of pre-built test cases, and thus enables companies to quickly and easily expand their test coverage.”

As a software-only solution DEFENSICS™ is easy to integrate into existing software development processes, and the online test material can be shared within organizations facilitating test reproduction and also providing powerful and cost-effective tools for compliance testing.

Codenomicon’s product range is constantly expanding. DEFENSICS for XML is a straightforward tool for testing XML enabled applications, such as communication technologies using VoIP, SOAP, web applications and industrial automation.

Codenomicon DEFENSICS™ testing solutions now also cover emerging 4G technologies, such as LTE and WiMAX, helping customers harden their next generation telecom systems before deployment. DEFENSICS™ for 4G/LTE provides unique value by supporting core LTE protocols, such as GTP and Diameter.

It also assures the security and robustness of underlying protocol layers, like IPv6, Mobile IP, UDP and SCTP.

“As Codenomicon continues to expand its solutions across various platforms and technologies, it is likely that the company will maintain its leadership in protocol fuzzing technology in the future,” remarks Padmanabhan.

He concludes: “In addition to helping its customers identify and fix flaws in their solutions, Codenomicon also devotes both time and resources to repairing open-source libraries with its DEFENSICS™ fuzzers.”