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Clinical and administrative modules to improve patient care and hospital management

InterSystems Corporation today announced that the new Santiago Military Hospital in Chile has started to deploy a Hospital Information System (HIS) based on the InterSystems TrakCare, connected healthcare information system. This will enable electronic clinical files for soldiers to be made available whenever they seek attention at any of the health centres across the country that comprise the Army Health Command (Cosale) Network.
Once a patient receives attention at any of these centres, a unique electronic clinical file will be generated. The information this contains will then be made available for retrieval at the Santiago Military Hospital as well as all other Army primary care centres.
By opting to implement an integrated health network, the Chilean army will be able to standardise and share medical information among health professionals, as well as managing preventive medicine and health-planning programs, leading to improved quality of care.
Among the information recorded within the electronic clinical file will be: the family history, the results of examinations, procedures and episodes of care, and administered medicines. The possibility also exists to optimise processes, such as the distribution and usage of medicines, security, and the reduction of duplicate exams.
“The selection of InterSystems as the supplier of the Hospital Information System was the result of a comprehensive evaluation program that started with the participation of 25 companies,” explained General (ret) Aldo Cardinalli, Manager of the HIS Cosale Project. “Only five vendors participated in the bidding, and only two of them qualified technically for the final analysis.  Once reviewed, it was determined that TrakCare met all the established requirements and InterSystems was awarded the project”.
The TrakCare-based Hospital Information System at the Santiago Military Hospital comprises two modules, which are completely unified and share information. The first, the Clinical Information System (CIS), groups together all the health information that supports the management of the electronic clinical file, the outpatient and inpatient episodes, as well as operating theatre and bed management. The second module supports the administration, accounting and financial management of the hospital (ERP). To deliver this, InterSystems created a strategic alliance with the Global Service Company that will provide its IconSystems software as part of the project.
To support the project implementation at the national level, InterSystems will work with STG, Chile.
“For InterSystems it is a great honour to have our software selected to be at the heart of one of the most modern hospitals in Chile. Winning this contract is recognition of our ability to offer innovative technology that makes a real difference to the quality of care delivered to patients”, stated Luis Volkweis, Country Manager, InterSystems Chile.