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Child-friendly floors

“A child-friendly floor for a children’s home is comfortable to walk on and has an appealing design which exudes warmth.” That was the statement by the selection committee which, on behalf of the architect and the directors of the children’s hospital St Jozef in the German town of Bochum, was responsible for the renovation.

The selection committee, which consisted of the facilities manager, the principal physician, the construction manager and a designer, also attached much value to efficient maintenance. The cleaning service must be able to clean the floor properly and quickly using the usual cleaning agents. That saves time and money without any compromise on hygiene.

The floor must also obviously be resistant to all possible chemicals, it must be seamless and without joints even at the curved plinths and, of course, it must be resistant to wear.

The whole architecture is aimed at creating a friendly and calming image where visitors can also find their way easily. The design which was finally chosen was for a light grey floor without seams and with anthracite areas. Aluminium flakes are incorporated into the floor which perfectly match the colours of the wall and the doors.