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Charing Cross Hospital orders the NHS’ first high-field MRI

Charing Cross Hospital in West London, part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, has placed the first NHS order of the MAGNETOM® Verio 3T MRI scanner.

The technology from Siemens Healthcare is the first of its kind for the NHS and also the first MRI to be purchased via the new NHS Supply Chain framework.

The MAGNETOM Verio is a high-field, 3 Tesla MRI system with a 70cm open bore and Total Imaging Matrix (Tim™) technology. 

The new 3T system at Charing Cross Hospital will complement an existing 1.5T MR expanding the quality of patient care.

The Charing Cross Hospital order was placed via the new NHS Supply Chain initiative, a framework offering multiple imaging modalities under one agreement from the industry’s leading suppliers.

Jason Lavery, NHS Supply Chain’s Clinical Markets Business Manager, commented: “We’re delighted that the first MRI purchase via the new supply chain framework has happened so swiftly and smoothly.  This is a fine example of how the new NHS procurement process can alleviate lengthy tenders and offer enhanced support to NHS Trusts in the selection of imaging systems.” 

The MAGNETOM Verio offers a number of advantages to hospitals and diagnostic centres. With the strongest magnet field strength used clinically, it can be used for many applications, including neurology and functional neuro evaluation, orthopaedic and cartilage assessment, breast, vascular and cardiac imaging.

The 3T system optimises parallel imaging, accelerates scan time and improves visualisation as well as patient throughput.

It is the shortest 3T MR in the marketplace at 173cm, with a compact footprint of 33m² and ultra light magnet. No computer room is required, just two electronic water cooled cabinets that can be conveniently placed against the wall.

It also offers a 70cm open bore. This larger space assists in the examination of claustrophobic and clinically obese patients.

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“This is a excellent news for clinicians and especially the large proportion of claustrophobic patients who have to wait a long time for general anaesthetic/open MRI scans. Well done Charing Cross!” – Anand Ravikumar, Charing Cross Hospital, London, UK

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