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CCTV security for staff

Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust has opted for a new CCTV and access control system, which promises to enhance the security of its staff. The cameras will record 24/7, facilitating the provision of post-incident investigative material as and when required.

Recent government figures show that there are more than 100,000 violent incidents involving NHS staff every year, with 81% of doctors, nurses and care workers unconvinced that enough is being done to address the issue of security. In response, the trust will install an extensive security infrastructure comprising 105 internal fixed cameras, angled to cover all entrances, exits and stairs, and 15 PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras focusing on the external areas of the hospital and car parks. The colour cameras can switch to monochrome to optimise low light performance.
A further 12 external fixed cameras will cover “hot spots” and seven internal PTZ colour domes will protect hospital corridors and waiting areas.

“The replacement of the ageing and defunct equipment is long overdue,” said Robin Smith, estates consultant for the trust.