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CareFusion release of the Jaeger® VyntusTM Pulmonary Diagnostics

CareFusion’s Respiratory Diagnostics Business Unit launched the SentrySuite software platform in late 2010. At the time of launch, SentrySuite already accommodated a networked central CardioPulmonary data repository for Jaeger, SensorMedics® Vmax® and Micro Medical customers. Since then, the platform has expanded rapidly; the latest release of SentrySuite includes a full range of PFT applications for compatible Jaeger MasterScreen instruments.
“With the launch of our first Vyntus products, and the new release of SentrySuite, we have completed the implementation of the key pulmonary diagnostic measurement applications. This now allows our customers to optimize their laboratory efficiencies by migrating to the new SentrySuite world, taking immediate advantage of the latest features of the SentrySuite platform. SentrySuite’s highly effective solutions for laboratory workflow, data management and system integration allow this modern platform to offer the efficiencies the changing healthcare environment is asking for”, said Gijsbert van Kampen, VP of Global Marketing for CareFusion’s Respiratory Diagnostics business.
“Furthermore, we have expanded the platform with new clinical assessment tools for Body Plethysmographic data, as well as added sophisticated data quality management tools, parameter linked animations, and clear patient and operator guidance. These new releases will improve
laboratory efficiency and clinical outcomes. With unique features such as Sentry.NET, facilitating virtual reporting stations through the web, and our tablet wireless Patient Questionnaire, Sentry Q, we continue to increase accessibility and ease of use for both our customers and their patients.”
The new Jaeger Vyntus product range, with the new release of SentrySuite, will be available in Europe in November 2012. Countries outside of Europe will follow as soon as the necessary regulatory approvals are obtained. These products will be featured at the European Respiratory Society Meeting in Vienna, September 1-5, 2012. Please come and visit CareFusion at booth A4.01.