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CADENS Colon cleared for distribution

The European Community and Canada will now have CT Colonography solution from CADENS Imaging at its disposal after it was authorised for distribution.

CADENS Colon allows for safe and painless colorectal cancer screening, which is the second cause of cancer death in many industrialised countries. CTO of CADENS Imaging Florent Chandelier said, “CADENS Colon has been designed in-house from the ground-up, to be integrated seamlessly into radiologist clinical workflow, supporting the establishment of diagnosis through its Computer Aided Detection solution (CAD). Finally, the CE and Canadian clearance demonstrates CADENS Imaging devotion to clinical safety and efficacy”.

CADENS Imaging continues to strive towards improving better healthcare quality to professionals and patients and Hugo Douville, President and Chief Executive Officer of CADENS Imaging believes CADENS Colon is testament to this. “The CE and Canada clearance for the CADENS Colon is an important milestone for the international commercialisation of our solution. Our focus is to develop new software applications providing innovative and efficient screening solutions to facilitate the prevention and detection of colorectal cancer by healthcare professionals.”

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