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Cabinet and workstation has built in cleaner-recirculator

A range of DNA/RNA UV cabinets/PCR workstations, including standard, economy and double units, which feature a novel patented UV cleaner-recirculator system, have been unveiled by Grant Instruments.

The UK-based supplier of scientific, life sciences and data acquisition products says its UV cleaner-recirculator system increases the maximum density of UV light treating the entire internal air volume, generating airflow exchange to provide aseptic conditions for a variety of molecular biology and biochemical procedures.

The recirculator can also provide constant cabinet decontamination making the environment suitable for demanding applications working with DNA/RNA, infectious and viral materials such as prions.

Part of the Grant-bio range of life science products, the new UV cabinets feature a digital 24-hour timer for control of UV exposure and a white lamp for workplace illumination.

Three cabinets are available in the range: a budget Plexiglass model and a more robust stainless steel/glass version which also includes a microprocessor-based temperature control feature.

The large-capacity stainless steel/glass PCR double workstation provides additional space for equipment and accessories.

This cabinet also has dual 30W UV lamps, an adjustable three-position front-opening panel and three internal power sockets enabling small instruments to be run inside the cabinet.

Grant Instruments