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Bupa flies the kite for new government scheme

29 July, 2008  

Bupa has been chosen to lead the way with the UK government’s new kite mark scheme when it is launched in 2009.

The Department of Health chose Bupa to become one of the first members of the programme that will monitor the quality of  information provided by health and social care providers.

Feedback from medical experts and patients will be included in the accreditation process and those meeting the standard will be awarded a kite mark declaring them a trustworthy source.

Dr Annabel Bentley, Bupa’s assistant medical director and a member of the Department of Health expert working group for the information accreditation scheme, said: “We welcome this scheme as it will provide a recognisable quality mark which everyone can look out for.  

“With so much health information available, it can be bewildering for people to know where to go to for the best advice. The internet is a brilliant resource, but there is no independent watchdog so it can be potentially dangerous for people to rely on it completely for medical guidance.”

Bupa is one of 40 companies to join the scheme and only one of five from the commercial sector.