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Breast augmentation to ‘skyrocket’

1 April, 2008  

Breast augmentation is top of the ops for the 20th year running and the fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery, according to UK cosmetic surgery provider The Harley Medical Group.

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary year, The Harley Medical Group has seen a 39% increase in the number of women undertaking breast enlargement surgery. Industry estimates put the amount British women spent last year on breast surgery at an incredible £100 million – a figure which looks set to ‘skyrocket’ throughout 2008.

The latest data from The Harley Medical Group reveals that:

– Typically, 10 years ago, 48% of breast augmentation patients went up three cup sizes whereas over the last 12 months the most popular size increase was two cup sizes.

– Breast augmentation remains the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, accounting for 30% of all procedures undertaken by The Harley Medical Group in the last 12 months.

– British attitudes have changed dramatically from 10 years ago, having breast surgery is no longer kept secret, women are now happy to flaunt their breast surgery and tell others about their operations.

– Over 65% of breast augmentation patients are between 25-35 years old with the balance mostly post breast feeding.

– Demographically, there is a Northern bias – the procedure is more popular in Manchester and Leeds where breast uplift is currently one of the most popular procedures.

– The most popular implant at The Harley Medical Group is currently the “Round High Profile”, which produces a more rounded appearance to the upper breast, whilst “Contoured” breast implants are designed to reflect the slope of the breast but are not as effective for improving cleavage.

– At The Harley Medical Group, the most popular implant has always been the Silicone implant, as it gives a more natural shape and feel.

Liz Dale, Director at The Harley Medical Group, said: “The dramatic rise in people undergoing cosmetic treatments is indicative of the nation’s changing attitudes to cosmetic surgery.  We have noticed that our patients are more than happy to tell people that they have had surgery and often recommended a particular surgeon to their friends.

“With the popularity of surgery on the increase it is important to highlight the need for each patient to undergo a thorough consultation. For any patient who is considering having surgical treatment they should check the clinic’s credentials, including whether they are registered with the Healthcare commission.”

Harley Medical Group