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Biocartis acquires Philips technology platform

The molecular diagnostics company, Biocartis, have today purchased the Philips’ technology platform for rapid fully-automated DNA/RNA molecular diagnostic testing.

The platform has been designed for applications in a wide range of patient sample testing and Biocartis plan to develop and commercialise the platform, together with a menu of tests, through strategic partnerships.

They will finalise validation of the platform at its newly-established and wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary Biocartis BV, which will be based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where it will benefit from close access to the multi-disciplinary R&D facilities and services of Philips Corporate Technologies.

“This agreement is transformational for Biocartis as it accelerates our plans to bring innovative and cost-effective molecular diagnostic solutions that can turn personalised medicine into practice,” says Rudi Pauwels, CEO of Biocartis.

“From our inception, we have been on a quest to integrate a clinical sample preparation and processing technology to complement our own developments. The platform developed by Philips clearly stood out as an impressive, integrated solution in terms of architecture choices, functionality, flexibility and bears the signature of a world-class engineering team.”

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