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Bin baler provides effective waste solution

A hospital is saving on landfill costs and improving its green credentials after intalling a specialist twin bin baler into its waste management system.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust, which serves the communities of West Norfolk, South Lincolnshire and East Cambridgeshire, invested in the Tony Team twin bin baler after researching ways to make significant cost savings from its domestic waste processes and the impact on the envronment through cutting the amount of waste sent to landfill.

With landfill costs rising the Trust opted for the Tony Team TT75 twin baler. Not only does it bale paper, cardboard and packaging materials but also it deals with plastic and aluminium can waste.

Waste is condensed into cubes which take up less storage space and provide scope for sale to recycling merchants which has generated an additional income stream for the Trust.

The TT75t also meets the hospital’s health and safety requirements, being a suitable size to store in one of the site’s outbuildings which eliminates hazards for members of the public.

Card can be baled as soon as it is collected by any trained member of hospital staff, keeping the site tidy and
reducing the need for more regular bin collections and their associated costs.

“The cost, convenience and environmental implications of installing the Tony Team baler are significant,” said Martin Taylor, strategic procurement manager at the Trust.

“Before installation, we had approximately 60 tonnes of cardboard going to landfill a year, which had its cost as well as ecological associations.

“With this new baler resource we are able to reduce that expense considerably and avoid the increased expenditure of landfill fees, as well as meet Government targets that challenge organisations to reduce their reliance on
landfill. Furthermore we can collect cardboard from our satellite hospital sites for baling, in order to further maximize the benefits.

“We’re very pleased with how successful the baler has been. Our compacted waste collections have decreased from eight collections per month to six, which
also adds to the cost benefits.”

Tony Team