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Better imaging for healthcare professionals

Matrox Graphics Inc, the leading manufacturer of specialised graphics solutions, is pleased to announce new PowerDesk Zoom functionality available with Matrox Xenia and Xenia Pro display controller boards.

Released with the latest software driver package, and easily accessible by right-clicking on the desktop or by using pre-defined keyboard shortcuts, Xenia Series’ new PowerDesk features provide medical imaging professionals and PACS developers with unique cloning, replication, and programming capabilities for staff meetings, operating rooms, video conferencing, and other collaborative installations.

Xenia Series’ new PowerDesk Zoom functionality builds on the innovative features first introduced with Matrox TheatreVUE boards and allows customers to:

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  • Select a specific region of interest on the main display using a mouse, or predefine multiple display regions using Matrox Desktop Divider, and present these one at a time on a large screen display or projector
  • Define any region of the main display up to the full screen resolution and replicate it 1:1 on an appropriate feature display
  • Scale a selected region to a new resolution and choose how to manage the aspect ratio
  • Merge two monitors into one larger main display and show regions from the spanned desktop on the feature display
  • Mix and match grayscale and color, digital and analog display formats with Xenia Series’ unique triple-output support for up to 8MP (digital) + 8 MP (digital) + 4MP (digital) or 2.3MP (analog)

In addition, PACS, RIS, and Mammography software developers are able to integrate Xenia Series’ PowerDesk Zoom functionality as part of their application’s magnifying glass function or as a means to deliver content to a video conferencing system by using the license and royalty-free Matrox Xenia Series SDK. Interested developers are invited to contact Matrox Graphics for more information.

“Matrox is proud to release additional functionality for the Matrox Xenia Series product line,” says George Rigas, Business Development Manager for Medical Imaging, Matrox Graphics Inc.

“With the ability to connect to any known display, Xenia Series is already a popular choice for PACS and Mammography diagnostic workstations. Now customers can achieve flexible, custom-designed configurations that will allow for productive collaboration and communication amongst healthcare professionals.”