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Beckman Coulter’s DxH connected Workcell solution for in vitro diagnostic use

Capitalising on the advanced technologies behind Beckman Coulter Diagnostics’ DxH 800 and DxH Slidemaker Stainer cellular analysis systems, the company has released the UniCel DxH connected Workcell solution for in vitro diagnostic use.
Laboratories are now able to connect up to three DxH 800 analysers to a DxH Slidemaker Stainer to create a customised, scalable workflow solution.
Through the new DxH Workcells, laboratories can benefit from efficient workflow management with its unique automated sample routing, increased data management capabilities and proven analytical capabilities.
Beckman Coulter’s UniCel DxH Connected Workcell solution expands on what the advanced technologies behind the DxH 800 started — further demonstrating our ongoing commitment to moving the lab forward,” said Arnd Kaldowski, president, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. “Its scalable, built-in automation streamlines workflow according to differing workloads and throughput requirements.
Performance, low  review rates and first past accuracy in results’ reporting are all driven by Beckman Coulter’s exclusive Automated Intelligent Morphology (AIM), a multidimensional, high-definition flow cytometric technology that improves analysis of abnormal specimens.
In combination with this technology, the DxH Workcell’s unique bi-directional sample transport system, automatically distributes samples between the analysers, reducing potential delays in sample testing and the reporting of results.  The systems also allows for critical STAT samples or body fluids to be added while the system is running, without the need to interrupt routine sample testing.
User-defined decision rules for auto-rerun and reflex testing further improve workflow and reduce turnaround time (TAT). User-defined rules also drive automatic slide preparation and staining, without the need for manual intervention. Data management is also streamlined with information consolidated for order entry, results review (able to handle up to 90,000 results) and Quality Control management (with a storage capacity for 30 control files, each with 150 runs per instrument).
The DxH Series further demonstrates how Beckman Coulter offers solutions that move the lab forward beyond routine haematology, to include ways of automating processes to provide information that improves diagnosis,” said Ron Hebert, director of global haematology product management for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.
Additionally, we offer product solutions beyond traditional cellular analysis by providing labs the option of handling the White Blood Count (WBC) differential through Beckman Coulter’s exclusive HematoFlow technology. This uses multi-colour monoclonal antibody technology coupled with flow cytometric analysis to accurately count cells that cannot be identified by conventional haematology analysers or even morphological examination.