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Award for green healthcare building

23 April, 2008  

Two European organisations are jointly launching a Good Practice award for health-related facilities which reduce their carbon footprint.

The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and the European Regional Health Authorities network (EUREGHA) have opened the competition based on two award categories: climate change mitigation and climate change adaption.

The organisers highlighted Addenbrooke Hospital’s (Cambridge, UK) “Access to Addenbrooke’s” strategy, as an example of good practice.

Thanks to interest-free loans for pedal cycle or motorcycle/scooter purchase, a car-share scheme and discounted weekly bus tickets, the Addenbrooke scheme has significantly reduced car commuting, and promoted bus use (now at 23%, from 12% in 1999) and cycling (up to 25% from 21% in 1999).

The award winners will be announced at the Climate Change and the Challenges for Public Health conference held at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on 24 June.

The closing date for the competition is 15 May.

Climate Change and Health Good Practice Award