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Aseptix signs global technology licence with Ecolab

Aseptix Health Sciences NV, the specialist in next generation antimicrobials headquartered in the Netherlands, announced a global licence agreement with Ecolab.

Under the agreement, Ecolab will acquire a global licence for Professional Markets on Aseptix technologies and acquire the Professional Products Division of Aseptix. Aseptix currently sells its Aseptix-branded professional products in Europe and India, mainly to healthcare, food processing and pharmaceutical clients.

Aseptix is the inventor of activated hydrogen peroxide technologies, a fast-acting and user-safe technology to effectively eradicate numerous pathogens with outstanding material compatibility and without burdening residues. The active ingredient degrades to water and oxygen after use.

Under this transaction, Aseptix will continue to own the intellectual property of more than 60 patents around its technologies and related know-how, while Ecolab will receive exclusive rights for use of the majority of Aseptix’s technologies in professional markets around the world. This enables Aseptix to stay independent and capitalise on its proven technologies for consumer applications across many markets globally.

The agreement with Ecolab fits the Aseptix strategy of globalising the technology and creating the new global standard in infection prevention. With the growth in hospital acquired infections (HAI) and increasing focus on clean environments, the relevance of these types of solutions is rapidly increasing.

It is Aseptix’ ambition to offer state of the art products in the fight against dangerous microbes. The Aseptix technology is unique, since it offers broad efficacy spectrum and short contact times, is safer for people and environment and is very easy to use.

Ilja Bobbert, founder and CEO of Aseptix: “This is a major milestone for Aseptix. Aseptix has laid the initial groundwork and has proven the products can lower infection rates in many industries. Now, Ecolab can truly globalise the technology across their business segments, and geographies worldwide.

For many years, Aseptix is a trusted partner with a proven track record in building long lasting and profitable partnerships with market leaders in various industries across the globe. The company’s objective is to exploit Aseptix’s safe and environmentally friendly technologies in numerous antimicrobial applications globally. With this transaction aimed at the professional markets, Aseptix can improve its company efforts on licencing the technologies to household care and personal care applications.