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Allium Medical and SynMed collaborate to launch stent in Scandinavia

Allium Medical Group, developer and manufacturer of non-vascular stents, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with the SynMed International Group of Sweden for Allium’s biliary and ureteral stents in the Swedish and Scandinavian markets.

SynMed Medicinteknik AB of Sweden is a part of the SynMed International Distributor Network, consisting of several leading European independent distributors of medical diagnostic equipment covering areas of gastroenterology, urology and neurodiagnostics.

Per Gezelius, General Manager of SynMed Medicinteknik AB said: “Our initial agreement with Allium Medical was to distribute the biliary stent in Sweden. The feedback we received from both doctors and patients at medical centres in Stockholm and Helsinki was so strongly positive that we decided to expand our offering to include the ureteral stent, and requested exclusive distribution rights not only for Sweden but for all Scandinavia.”

Founded in 2001, Allium Group has developed site-specific, anatomically and functionally compatible, large calibre dynamic stents for various uses with applications in the urinary and gastro-intestinal tract.

Allium completed CE Marking for its biliary and ureteral stents, and commenced distribution of its biliary stents as of June 2007 in Italy, Sweden, Germany and Austria. Follow-on orders have already been received and delivered.

The two different deployment devices of the Allium’s biliary stents allow endoscopic (by gastroenterologists) or percutaneous trans-hepatic (by interventional radiologists) insertion.

Allium’s ureteral stents are mounted on two different deployment devices allowing endoscopic retrograde (by urologists), or percutaneous antegrade, or combined antegrade and retrograde insertion (with or without an interventional radiologist).
Prof (Em) Daniel Yachia, MD, President, CSO and Senior Consultant (Urology) for the Allium Group, said: “Now more than ever, doctors are seeking solutions to meet demand for minimally invasive solutions to increase patient comfort and convenience while not compromising on treatment efficacy. Our technology allows us to create site-specific stents so that every organ has an easily removable stent of its own.”

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