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Alcohol sees hospital numbers rise

22 December, 2008  

A study of crime and hospital admissions related to alcohol misuse has named the North West the area most affected by excessive drinking.

Manchester, UK, has the highest level of harm from alcohol across a range of factors. The city is closely followed by Salford, Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Rochdale.

The study was based on previously published figures showing there were around 800,000 hospital admissions in England linked to alcohol in 2006/07 – up 9% on the previous year, and an extra 174 admissions every day.

Overall, seven out of the top 10 areas in England with the greatest level of harm in 2006/07 were in the North West.

According to the Local Alcohol Profiles for England study, Wokingham in Berkshire had the lowest level of harm in the country, followed by Mid Bedfordshire, Three Rivers in Hertfordshire, Castle Point in Essex and North Kesteven in Lincolnshire, UK.

Dr Karen Tocque, director of science and strategy for the North West Public Health Observatory, who carried out the study said: “No area of England can escape the fact that alcohol is having some negative influence on their residents.

“Each year, people living in each community become a victim of a crime, are unable to work, are admitted to hospital or may even die – all because of alcohol.”

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